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Remote-detection MRI and NMR yield
detailed information about chemistry and
fluid flow within microscopic structures.
CT Kids Fueling the Future program is
desgined to bring together middle school
students from five diverse school districts
to explore renewable energy sources.
The 25th North America Meeting (NAM) of
the Catalysis Society will be held June 4-9,
2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and
Convention Center in Denver, CO.
About Us
NECS was founded to promote and encourage the growth and
development of the science of catalysis among fellow students,
scientists, researchers and industries in the New England area.

The New England Catalysis Society (NECS) is a  
local club associated with the North American  
Catalysis Society. NECS provides opportunities for  
members in New England area and promotes the  
advancement of understanding of the science of  

The main objective of NECS is to bridge the gap of  
fundamental understanding of surface science and  
applied aspects of heterogeneous, homogeneous  
and biocatalysis including bio-oil upgrading,  
renewable energy conversion, and clean energy   

Our members range from undergraduates to  
experienced researchers from academia and large  
and small companies including Boston College,  
Brown, MIT, Northeastern, Tufts, UConn, UMass,  
UNH, United Technologies, WPI and Yale.


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