What is NECS?

NECS is a local organization formed by various universities and companies in  
the New England area that share the same interest in homogeneous and  
heterogenous catalysis. NECS is commited to advancing growth and  
development of science of catalysis and related applications. Its goal is to  
create a platform where professionals including students, professors and  
industry employees can exchange ideas concerning their respective work in  
catalysis. NECS organizes annual symposiums at least once per academic  
term to review present state of art of current studied technologies and to  
discuss possible future directions and collaborations. Those who are  
interested are encouraged to submit an abstract as soon as registration  

Who attends NECS meetings?

Participants of NECS include both academic researchers and industry  
workers from all over New England. Those who are involved and interested  
in catalysis, surface science, energy applications, and in-situ and operando  
studies are encouraged to join. Most of the participating insitutions include:

•   Boston College
•   Brown University
•   Harvard University
•   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
•   Northeastern University
•   Tufts University
•   University of Connecticut
•   University of Massachusetts
•   University of New Hampshire
•   United Technologies
•   Worchester Polytechnic Institute
•   Yale University


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About Us
NECS was founded to promote and encourage the growth and
development of the science of catalysis among fellow students,
scientists, researchers and industries in the New England area.
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